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The Eminent Barber & SMP Training course was created to allow you to study SMP at your speed and on your own time. Robert will mentor you from start to finish, guaranteeing that you have the information, skills, and confidence to perform at your best.

This course teaches you how to design natural hairlines, color theory, matching pigment to skin tone, merging surrounding hair, density, needle selection, and much more.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is the creation of a hair follicle simulation for men and women. That looks like real hair on the scalp and this can be either to give the appearance of shaved or short hairs or and density to thinning hair, it is achieved by utilizing microneedles and strategically placing tiny dots of color pigment into the skin to replicate the follicle based on the scalp. it can be used to create a whole new hairline or even cover existing scars from hair transplants or trauma, this revolutionary procedure is simple, very effective, and non-surgical with same-day results, over 50 million men in the united states suffer from hair loss 2/3 men start balding by 35, some even in their early 20s, and with existing hair loss products being outdated and ineffective, it’s easy to see why men are seeking an alternative solution to hair loss.

Do you enjoy helping others? Are you willing to boost your clients’ confidence? Ready to embark on entrepreneurship? Then you can learn the innovative and highly profitable business of scalp micro-pigmentation. Whether you are an aspiring makeup artist, aesthetician, barber, hairstylist, or an aspiring entrepreneur planning to do scalp micro-pigmentation as a stand-alone career, (SMP) can be your path to embarking on a six-figure+ annual income.

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