What is Alopecia?

Alopecia areata is where hair loss appears suddenly in patches across the scalp. The patches are around the size of a coin. The hair can grow back in these patches but it is common for them to then reappear elsewhere on the scalp. Sometimes the alopecia progresses, the patches begin to connect and the hair loss becomes more noticeable, sometimes leading to full scalp hair loss called alopecia totalis or full body hair loss which is called alopecia universalis. We can help with scalp micropigmentation.


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Implanting pigment into the scalp so they replicate hair follicles is called scalp micropigmentation. This is used to help alopecia clients take back control. Alopecia areata can be treated by filling in and around the patched area to disguise the hair loss. The best way is to treat the whole scalp, incase of other unexpected hair loss on the scalp, this makes the hair loss unnoticeable and disguises any other hair loss instantly without having to come back for more treatment as more hair loss occurs. Compared to other methods, scalp micropigmentation is able to provide guaranteed results. Symptoms are not prevented, but they are absolutely concealed as long as the hair is kept shaved.

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