Client before and after microblading

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a popular treatment that helps you get your desired brows. Unlike an eyebrow pencil that takes time to get the perfect look and you have to wipe off at night before you go to sleep, microblading is a permanent makeup treatment where a manual handheld tool is used to create strokes in the skin along the brow area. The strokes are then implanted with pigment to create what looks like natural brow hairs. Having microblading will fill in sparse areas of the brows and can help give your eyebrows more definition. The microblading technique makes your brows look full, thick, defined, and yet perfectly natural.

Microblading is the most realistic eyebrow technique to date and guarantees results.

Client before and after microblading

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Microblading in action by Arancy

Your New Rejuvenated Look

Each client is unique and different and will all need a microblading look customized to them specifically. Eyebrow mapping is how we help choose the specific eyebrow style for our clients receiving microblading treatment. This is based on the shape and features of the face to ensure you get the most natural look possible. If you have a specific look you want for your brows, you should bring a picture for reference so we can match your microblading as closely as possible while ensuring you get a look that completely suits your face.

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