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If someone recommended you get a hair tattoo, would you? All you have to do is google ‘hair tattoo’ to discover how scary that could be. Well, not anymore. The old hair tattoos used the same technique as traditional body tattooing to create an image on your scalp. Rather than a hair tattoo, they were more of a helmet, just a big block of color. Today we have an innovative treatment described as the world’s leading hair loss solution.

Scalp micropigmentation is a hair tattoo that uses a unique technique similar to permanent makeup to create natural-looking results. A scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo consists of natural carbon-based pigment deposited into the scalp to create tiny dots. These dots mimic the look of natural hair follicles to give the appearance of a full head of hair that you have shaved by choice. The depth in which the pigment is deposited is not as deep as traditional body tattooing to ensure that the hair tattoo looks realistic and does not change color or blend with the other.

A scalp micropigmentation hair tattoo guarantees results and life-changing ones at that.

SMP flawless hairline

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Before scalp micropigmentation

The New Hairline

Along with giving you the appearance of a full head of hair, a hair tattoo will also completely restore your hairline helping to boost your confidence and make you feel happy in your own skin. Scalp micropigmentation hair tattoos can be used on any gender, ethnicity, or hair color. While some may need to hide the symptoms of alopecia, others may be experiencing low density (thinning) through the hair, these tiny hair tattoos can fill in the areas where the scalp is showing to create density and reduce the contrast between the hair and scalp making it practically unnoticeable.

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